UAE Education Curriculum in Private and Government School ( Arabic & English Language)

analysis of what the News Paper says about the UAE Education curriculum in specific language ( Arabic and English) in both UAE and private Schools. instruction are as below:

Digital Methods

Research note – Outlines

Objective of the research note

You have to build your own corpus and to analyze the results in order to answer a research question. (This research question can be related to your thesis or a part of your thesis)


You can use several methods and software. You can use descriptive statistics in order to describe your corpus, and then more sophisticated methods/tools.
Tools: Catma, Iramuteq, Gephi, NodeXL… but you can also use Google tools for example (Google trends, Google Ngram Viewer).

Structure of the research note (example)

– Introduction (Interest and importance of the topic, the research question and your hypotheses)
– Methodology (Describe your corpus, explain your choices, describe the variables)
– Results & analysis (Textual Analysis, Network Analysis, Content Analysis)
– Discussion (Conclusions, the limits of the study)


I will pay attention to these points in order to evaluate you document:
– The justifications. The articulation between a research subject/question and the construction of a specific corpus. The relevance of your choices.
– The methodological part. The quality of your analysis and the work you have done in order to improve the analysis.
– From a single case to a more complex issue (generalization). The ability to link your analysis of a specific case to more general issues.

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