UN Convention

Earlier in Module 3 dealing with immigration, we looked at the migration crisis occurring globally with specific emphasis on the Syrian refugees and Europe’s response. Later, the question of immigration came up in the context of the United States and Canada. The assignment is to “develop an immigration policy that you think would meet American priorities and conform to the UN Convention on Refugees with its classification of groups especially those in need of asylum. In your analysis, you must grapple with the question of refugees who come under the Convention’s criteria and the related question of economic refugees. The latter are those who come to a state seeking to better themselves and their families economically. Remember most of those who migrated to the United States come in pursuit of economic betterment but others came for religious or political reasons. In Europe, the influx presently is those fleeing violence and war while economic refugees are a smaller part of the mix. Borders are never completely closed so the question is how does a state deal with the reality that more want to come than can be accommodated?” Not interested in political slogans, looking for analysis within the framework of international law and morality. 

The assignment should be a minimum of 1200 words with a minimum of five references not including the course modules and textbook (remember Wikipedia is not an acceptable reference). Be complete in your analysis. Remember there is other information that you need to access, that can be acquired through the web or the library or its journal resources. Assignments over 2,000 words are not encouraged. Please provide a word count at the start of your essay and number the pages along with your name on the first page. You do not have to provide a cover sheet, just a first page with the information above displayed clearly. Times 12 point

Note that if you quote materials, there must be a citation identifying where the quote came from, failure to do so will result in lost points. Wikipedia is not an acceptable reference; first use reduces your grade the equivalent of one letter grade; second use, failure of the assignment. In addition, entries taken from Encyclopedia Britannica and dictionary entries to define terms are not counted as references.

Formatting for Assignments, proposals and papers in this Course:

There must be footnotes at the end of each page, end notes at the conclusion of the paper.

         All quotes within your assignment must show a reference identifying where the quote came from, failure to do so will result in lost points, this should include page number from where the quote came from if applicable. Students should use end notes (footnotes placed at the end of the paper or assignment, use the footnote tab within Word for proper placement) with references in the following format within the end notes:

         Book: author name(s), book title (publisher name, year published), pages cited (required if a quote)

         Article journal: author name(s), “article title in quotes,” Journal title complete, volume number of journal (date published including month if available), pages in article, if quote page required from whence the quote was obtained.

         Newspaper/periodical article: author name(s), “article title,” newspaper name (date published), if web based provide complete URL (date article accessed).

         Government document or report: author name(s) or committee or group author name, “report title,” name of agency for which report done, if web accessed provide complete URL (provide date website accessed and report read), provide pages quoted or accessed (required if quote used).

         Website: author name(s) or organization home of website, title of website or applicable tab within the website, provide complete URL (provide date website accessed and read). For the Introductory Assignment, you are expected to adhere to this format for reporting on the website you selected.

Proper citation is important especially since I reserve the right to check on your cite as to relevance and accuracy. Do not list references you have not read.

I will attach specific instructions for this assignment. The guidelines are the same as the previous paper you completed for me, I am not sure if you have the ability to reference it, I can attach it as well if you would like.


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