Violence in Media and It’s Solution

Essay #2: Proposing a Solution
For your next writing assignment, you will get to propose a solution to a problem concerning
violence in the world. You will need to propose a solution to either one of the issues from Essay
#1 (gun violence, violence in media, capital punishment) or from one of the authors we have read
in the On V iolence reader (Marx and economic violence, Fanon/Malcolm X and racial or
colonial violence, Benjamin/Gramsci/Arendt and state violence, MacKinnon and gendered
violence). Please consult Chapter 7 “Proposing a Solution” from the St. Martin’s Guide
Required Basic Features:
Focused, Well-Defined Problem- this will provide the framework in which your solution
Well-Argued Solution- this will comprise the majority of your essay.
Effective Response to Objections and Alternative Solutions- this will show that you have
done adequate research, and considered alternative solutions.
Clear, Logical Organization- this will ensure that your reader will understand the importance of
the problem, and can follow each of the components to your solution.
In addition to the above, in order to pass:
– Your paper must have a clear and complete thesis statement .
– Your paper must cite evidence from at least three reliable sources , and include a full
Works Cited page (not included in the minimum page count).
– Your paper must follow MLA citation style, and be a minimum of 1250 words , typed, in
TNR 12pt font, with 1” margins all around; in-text citation should be used for all sources.
TOPIC: _______________________________________Violence in Media________________

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