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Volunteer Job

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Volunteers are people who donate their effort and time to various causes, night and day, to make a healthy community. Previously I had been in a Christian based volunteering organization. Christian based organizations are nongovernmental and nonprofit making organization. Being a board of director at United Methodist General board of Global Ministries, I have encouraged volunteers who are driven by mission and purpose of their social good to continue offering their services to the community. The Examples of volunteering Christian based organizations include, American Jewish World Service, Catholic Network of Volunteer Service, and the Mennonite Central Committee. A Christian volunteer- based organization is mostly preferred since it is formed mainly for the public advantage. Generally Volunteers focus on finding a volunteer program, in spite of structure, that can offers service opportunity and the location they are searching for.

Why one should volunteer

I joined as a volunteer in United Methodist General board of Global Ministries since it provides my community with many benefits such as helping those in need. We visit the sick and the needy in our community as well as organize youth operations that teach the youth on how to be independent. As a volunteer I also benefit through gaining public trust and respect within the neighborhood/ the community. I’m highly in a position to incorporate my personal relationship within the community. This gives me the chance to Experience directly by serving those who are in need since it has been my desire and Mission to help the needy within their community. I’m very proud to be a role model and I’m working hard to establish leadership skills within the community. As a volunteer I recruit, retain and, manage this group as well as ensure Resources such as equipments, buildings, meeting rooms are well managed. Some volunteer Christian based organization sponsor the volunteers to study locally or even abroad on how to engage with different communities. Later they engage in employee international volunteer organizations programs. Some known agencies are looking to aid opportunities for employees to get concerned in communities around the world.


Volunteering comes from one’s passion and will to help the needy who really appreciate the little efforts offered. The society requires volunteers to assist in tasks that cannot only be handled by the government and the church. When it comes to choosing a representative in a society, most Christian based volunteers are chosen since they have a calling to serve others. Our organization has prepared programs for the volunteers to improve their skills and educate them on how to better serve the community. Our organization has made changes by encouraging more volunteers to join in and help to make the world a better place.

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