Week 3 HTN management and Cardiovascular Disease Case

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Tell me more about the labs you will anticipate the ER will order….not because you will order them, but because you will interpret them at that first follow up visit. They are labs that are more than for “baseline” as they are going to be important in the evaluation and follow up of the patient. And, why should you also anticipate that a TSH will likely be checked in this patient?
If this patient is diagnosed with an NSTEMI, how will your initial thoughts on managing her HTN likely change? What do the guidelines say are needed for HTN management in this population?
I like the inclusion of lifestyle changes here. I read that you intend to have the patient follow up with you in 1 week after discharge from the ED/hospital. I’d likely want to see the patient sooner…..but tell me how often you would anticipate monitoring this patient after that first follow up? She has a number of problems and has not been exactly the most adherent patient…….if you only have 15 minutes with her each visit, is seeing her every 2 months going to help build that relationship and monitor her closely? I’d like to know your thoughts.

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