Well-being Across the Life Course in a Diverse Society

With particular reference to social inequalities in health, critically discuss how life course perspectives can help social workers understand the well-being of a specific service user group.

Rationale for assessment design:

The specified word limit for each patch (2,000 words) is advisory. You can vary the amount you write for each patch slightly but you are advised not to deviate far from the recommended word count.

The University academic regulations state that: ” In determining the text to be included within the maximum word limit, the following items are excluded: 






in-text references/citations (e.g.: “Baxter 2016: 7 3-84)”

footnotes/endnotes used for reference purposes and kept within reasonable limits

list of references and/or bibliography


(Anglia Ruskin University, 2017, Academic Regulations, 10th ed. Chelmsford; ARU, p.61).

While the assignment consists of two distinct patches they should be integrated or ‘stitched together’ to form a coherent piece: a patchwork. Two ways of doing this are:

Using ‘signposting’ to guide the read as to what is in each patch and how they relate to each other. You can do this by giving each patch a short introduction and conclusion.

By carrying themes through the patches; e.g. one quite straightforward way to do this is to relate the discussion in both patches to the particular service user group you chose to write about in throughout the patchwork text. You can also, where appropriate, cross-reference to points you made and or will make in the other patch (e.g. ‘As I discussed in Patch One…..’).

The points below give general guidance for Patch One. We will discuss the assignment in the taught sessions and the guidance below is supplementary, not an alternative, to that. If you do have any questions about the assignment please do discuss them with your module tutor.

Patches One and Two are linked in that Patch One is a more theoretical discussion of how the well-being of service users and/or carers is affected by social inequalities and Patch Two is concerned with the social work practice response

As a starting point you should choose a specific service user or carers group to write about. You then need to define and discuss three things:

What well-being is, particularly as it relates to the service user (or carers) group you have chosen to discuss.

What social inequalities in health are, the forms and extent they take and especially their causes.

What a life course perspective is and how it can be used to help understand the well-being of your chosen service user or carers groups.

This assignment should linked to show how a life course perspective can shed light on service users’ well-being, especially the ways in which they are affected by social inequalities in health. This assignment should:

Critically apply life course perspectives to understanding the well-being of service users and carers.


Critically analyse the impact of social inequalities and injustice on health and well-being.

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