What’s Hot and What’s Not in HR

What is Hot: You will focus on something interesting, new, radical, unique, fun about how you can manage workers. A good focus is to watch for new trends, or new tools, or new methods or new strategies. For example, the use of LinkedIn as a method to recruit workers via networks of like-minded professionals would be a great example of a 2014 “What’s Hot”. A good 2017 ‘what’s hot’ would be the use of Indeed.com for recruiting and job searches. What is Not: You will focus on something that is fading regarding how we manage workers. For example in 2011-12 there were many articles that focused on how recruiting workers via Facebook would be a popular method. In 2014 there is wide agreement that this trend is disappearing rather quickly. The cause for this change involves the illegal use of information on Facebook that is not legal for making decisions by organizations. You will focus on: What is your topic Why it is hot/not Evidence to support this Examples (graphic is great).