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Social Media and its Role in Marketing

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When it comes to connecting businesses with customers, nowadays social media is among the effective tools. Social media applications and websites provide an avenue for users to interact with each other socially and online marketing has taken over as the mantra for many manufacturers (Sajid, 2016). Notably, today promoters are considering social media possibilities before embarking on new social programs. Additionally, companies today cannot afford to partake in social media especially if competitors are creating waves by providing consumers with items and solutions. According to international companies, social media promotion is the ultimate promotion system of the current century as it has a lot of advantages when it comes to marketing.

The article employs several statistics. For instance, research carried out in 2008 shows that 89% of non-profit organizations use social media forms such as podcasts, forums, wikis, weblogs, among others and 45% of those studied indicated that social media proved essential to fundraising technique. Another statistics is that in 2010, marketers planned on spending a fifth of their total promotion costs on social media in the next 5 decades. Moreover, in 2009, only 23% of marketers were using social media but the variety has now increased to 31%. Social media utilization has increased from 12% to 14% in recent times and 1 out of 5 people uses social media elements as their marketing online technique.

The above statistics support the article’s main argument that social media promotion is advantageous as it has promoted business and organizations by marketing their services and products. Social media capitalizes on online networks and interactions hence playing a central role in linking manufacturers with potential customers. The statistics show increased uptake particularly among non-profit organizations and companies in general. If social media usage increased from 12% to 14% among companies this shows that companies have realized the impact of social media on their sales hence they are capitalizing on social media marketing as a means to promote their enterprise.



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