When taking a drink,

When taking a drink, the joint movements that are occurring in the elbow, forearm, wrist, and hand during the ADL are as follows:

– elbow flexion, adduction of the humerus

– forearm pronation, supination of the hand

– ulna and radial deviation, adduction and flexion of the wrist.

The muscles that are working to create these joint movements are:

– biceps brachii; this muscle works to both supinate and pronate at the shoulder joint. It also helps rotate the forearm (palm up) during drinking.

– triceps brachii; this muscle works to laterally deviate through elbow extension and also aids in rotating (palm down) the forearm. It is a short head of three muscles that make up one whole muscle group in your arm.

– anconeus; this muscle works to wrist extension, stopping the hand from going past 180° in pronation.

– extensor carpi radialis longus and brevis; this muscle assists with wrist extension.

– deltoid; this muscle works to flex the elbow and forearm. It helps when bending your fingers by pressing them together (to get a tight grip).

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