Will the Trump era mark a return to mercantilism on a global stage? Explain your answer drawing on the relevant literature.

In answering this question, please explore the theory and practice of international political economy.

There would need to be a lot academic literature used in formulating this paper. I will provide some key texts that need to be used but I will also require some more sources. Please if using online material such as academic journals provide a URL that can be accessed in the bibliography. Please refrain from using sources that are not freely accessibly to the general public or require a subscription service as I require reputable sources only.

For a start please refer to theoretical discourse of mercantilism / economic nationalism (the realist perspective) via academic materials, particularly, Adam Smith Wealth of Nations pdf which I will attach with my sources. There would also need to be reference to many elements of mercantilism.

I also would expect a critical element that may disagree with the statement, but overall I would like to prove the point that the statement is true.

I think we should be making reference to the emergence of possible ‘a new world order’ with Trump being elected, Brexit happening and the possibility of far-right leader Marine la Pen being elected in France.

Reference needs to be made throughout to Trumps zero sums game.

Please make use of a lot of news articles, online commentaries in regards to Trump references. In particular the opinion of economists and academics would be important.

Please make contrast with other main global political economy / IPE theories of Marxism and Economic liberalism where applicable. Towards the beginning of the paper it might be worth doing a section explaining briefly the differences between these three main theoretical discourses.

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