Winning Events Contracts

 Description Using up to date event examples throughout your work, critically identify how the processes of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship contribute to help Britain remain globally competitive in business and leisure events today. Core elements to be discussed within the essay include: Why innovation is seen as a core competency in relation to competitive advantage and how this relates to the current highly competitive state of the global event industry. A range of appropriate definitions of innovation. The four key dimensions of innovation: Product, Process, Position and Paradigm – offering events industry examples of each. Incremental and radical innovation, with relevant examples. Continuous and discontinuous innovation, with relevant examples. Social innovation, with relevant examples. The link between innovation and creativity The link between innovation and entrepreneurship How organisations do or do not manage or implement innovation How risk perception can affect the way an organisation can or cannot be innovative. Whether the size of an organisation can impede or stimulate innovation. Whether innovation is a personal attribute, or can be learned as a systematic management process.