“Crito” is a dialogues between Crito and Socrates after Socrates has been sentenced to death A. Crito wants Socrates to run away to another city state and avoid death. What points does he bring up? What is Socrates response to each? What is Socrates final decision?( please make specific reference to their points in the text) B. If you were in Socrates position, what would you do? Explain your reasoning. C. As citizens in the United States, would you agree with Socrates that we choose to live here and are obligated to obey the law. Laws exist for the common good. They are created by the consent of the governed. They can also be changed by the consent of the governed. Even if we disagree with the law we are obligated to obey it.  Be sure to give an example of a couple laws in your argument. Answer this question by labeling each section:

 A Crito Dialogue: Be sure to use references several  direct quotes from the dialogue (he said/he responded)

B Socrates Decision: his reasoning: include direct quotes 

C, My Response : Would you do the same? your reasons and support of reasoning

D. Obligation to Obey Laws. Socrates Argument/ Agree/Disagree. Give at least two reasons and support each reason through examples