A critical review of the fairness and transparency of the due process of accounting standard setting

You are required to read:

Bamber, M and McMeeking, K (2016), ‘An examination of international accounting standard-setting due process and the implications for legitimacy’, The British Accounting Review, Volume 48, Issue 1, pages 59-73.

This article is available at: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/08908389/48/1

The word count for the essay is 3,000 (+/- 10%) words.  The indicative marking scheme in Appendix B will help you to structure your work.


Over the coming months you will find and critically evaluate at least nine additional academic journal articles which are related in some way to the CW article, in order to draw out a clear argument with a conclusion based upon the data considered. Further sources (for example, references to professional reports) may be added as desired.



Academic articles include an abstract. If there is no abstract, please be aware that you may be reading something that is not an academic article.



It is recommended that you use Google Scholar for finding relevant articles. Do not use Google because Google will find mostly non-academic links.



 search using Emerald and Science Direct, for example.



House style

Reports are required…

To be in black ink on white

To be in Times New Roman typeface, point size 12 for the text

To be in size 16 in bold for the title

To have line spacing of 1½ lines

To use no other fonts or font sizes

Not to employ clipart or similar illustrations

To include a central header to show the title ‘Transparency of standard setting’

To include footers to show ‘The University of Greenwich’ (centre) and the page number (right).

To have headers and footers in Times New Roman typeface, size point 8

To show the word count as Appendix 1

To be fully Harvard referenced, including full web browser addresses used for internet sources. (This is important – see below)


To use hanging indent for the references list (in MS Office – right click then Paragraph/indents/special/hanging, similar in other office applications)

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