Business Methods Research

Project title: Individual Report Writing

Note : Please use chart, statistic and interpret then as well as analysing them as well

The topic it is important however what It count is the way is structure and done please read the guideline, thank you.

Choose I topic related to Food truck, Restaurant or Hospitality Industry

Overview: Students will individually research a business topic, and will then write a formal business report. Overall Aim: To develop the students critical, reflective and analytical abilities where key issues have been contextualised through research and other sources of information, within the context of a formal written structure.

Learning Outcomes (from the CRS):
3. Employ discrimination when collecting and organizing data so that it is reliable and relevant;
4. Synthesize information and concepts from multiple sources in support of a point of view;
5. Present information and ideas in a structured manner, orally and in writing, using appropriate support (such as visual aids, charts and graphs).

Organization & Methodology: Select a topic related to business, and develop a clear main idea or point of view. Obtain approval for your topic and idea/PoV from your tutor before starting your detailed research. When your choice is approved, conduct research and prepare your outline. Use good-quality academic sources to support your ideas and observations, together with reliable nonacademic sources as required. Write a business report of 1,700 words (excluding cover sheet, executive summary, references and appendices), with a minimum of 13 or 15 academic references in the GIHE/APA6 style.