Casemix and Activity Based Funding ,,,,Queensland

In approaching the work for this assignment you should assume a management role and therefore,

generate responses to the tasks that would be of interest to the Health Service Management Team.

Your tasks are to :

1. Undertake an analysis of the Queensland Health Funding Principles and Guidelines and describe the

incentives and disincentives for reform.

2. Identify the potential risks to health services and recommend how they should be managed or

mitigated against with respect to :

? Counting of activity

? Classification

? Costing and revenue

3. Analyse the data sets that have been provided and identify

? Potential DRGs for analysis and why they have been selected

? Recommend how they might be investigated or actions to address

? Additional items in the file that could support future analysis

4. Develop a short educational Powerpoint presentation for health service staff that is no longer than

10 slides to present to the Health Service Management Team based on the analysis/investigation

described above in tasks 1­3.


? business report format

? the final written assignment should be of approximately 2500 words in length (this does not

include tables/ graphs, references or appendices)

? include tables/graphs which demonstrate the analyses you have conducted and substantiate the

conclusions and recommendations.

? referencing should be included to the extent that you draw on evidence.

please short do not forgect short educational presentation as one main requirement. 10 slides

Business report format.

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