Construction Project

Your parents have acquired a piece of land from an auction in Ipswich and

ready to embark on the development of 8 single storey dwellings which

they intend to sell on to private occupiers.










Your parents are yet to approach a scheme architect and have wisely

approached you for a second opinion.


They already know that you are studying for a degree in the Construction

and Surveying in University, and with that in mind you

are the best placed individual to provide impartial but reliable and

credible technical advice.


The accompanying information about the land provided by the auction team is

sketchy and imprecise.


However, it describes a vacant plot of land as mainly characterised by

deep pockets of soft clay to a depth of up to 1.5 metres in some areas.


Furthermore, there is also evidence of sulfates to an average depth of

800mm. In certain parts of the site this goes to 1.5m


The site is also characterised by huge Sycamore trees which, as indicated

on the drawing, do command TPOs (Tree Preservation Orders).


Given the above outline about the soil conditions, you are

convinced that your parents will not give up but forge ahead with

the development; for them this seems to be an interesting

adventure and an opportunity to improve their pension pot.

However, you are certain that the project will not be as easy as

your parents appear to think.


Knowing how determined your parents are and in order to save

the potential loss of pension money, you decide to do your own

research and to provide some answers in a form of a report.







Task 1:

Advise as to the potential problems the ground will present, identifying at least

two alternative foundation remedial options including any necessary prior

treatment solutions.


Please note that as part of your justification, examples from literature can be

used in the form of photographic evidence of what can go wrong or the

potential threats to the structural stability of the foundations


• The images must be attached in the appendix but should be discussed in

the main text and properly cited using the Harvard referencing system.


(Text: word processed Maximum 3 single-sided A4)

(45 marks)



Task 2.

Using a scale of 1:10, prepare a fully annotated and well dimensioned cross

section sketch detail of a foundation below ground up to dpc.


This must show a fully filled external wall and adjoining floor slab with all the

final finishing


• The drawing should be well annotated, clearly showing the exact

measures your foundation detail overcomes given the challenges of the

ground conditions.



Task 3:

For both task 1, and 2, you must show evidence and depth of research. The

candidate must identify the relevant references in support of the solutions

punctuated by a body of accurate citations based on the Harvard

referencing system.

(10 marks)

(References and Bibliography are to be treated as one and produced


on 2 single-sided A4 as maximum).

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