Consumer Psychology

Aim of Module:

The aim of the module is to develop the student’s ability to analyse, critically evaluate and apply theories of Psychology, Sociology, Social Psychology in a consumer context.


On completion of this module students are expected to be able to:

  1. Analyse current theories of Psychology, Sociology and Social Psychology in a consumer context.
  2. Critically evaluate the adoption of theory and models of Psychology, Sociology and Social Psychology in relation to consumption.
  3. Develop creative insight by contextualizing Psychology, Sociology and Social Psychology.

Contemporary studies in consumer psychology

Your objective is to develop a conceptual / theoretical paper in one of the following three concepts affecting consumer psychology: postmodern consumption; experiential consumption; sub-cultures AND another conceptual field within consumer psychology of your choosing. These conceptual areas will then be applied to a context identified by your tutors in class.

You will be expected to conduct a critical review of relevant literature in your identified field (i.e. concept), before synthesising your work in the form of a theoretical research paper. Originality of thought will be rewarded. 

Coursework aim:

To ensure an understanding of the basic theories and applications of consumer psychology by applying theory to practice.

Coursework objectives:

To offer an insight into your level of knowledge and understanding of consumer psychology

To demonstrate your practical abilities in applying theory to practice through the development of realistic and appropriate recommendations.

To illustrate your analytical and evaluative skills with reference to the critical evaluation of a ‘real life’ scenario

To demonstrate your practical abilities in applying consumer psychology theory to practice.

Report Format/Instructions: found on Campus Moodle/Study Skills/Writing Skills/Writing Reports

The report should be 3,000 words in length and word processed.  1 ½ spacing, Verdana, 11 point font is required.  It should be in report format with appropriate headings for each section, for example:

Abstract (excluded from word count)

Introduction/background linking the conceptual field and the context

Critique and synthesis of literature

Conceptual conclusion

References (RGU HARVARD, excluded from word count)



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