Create an Accessibility Plan

Below are the instructions. I’ve added my notes in BOLD parenthesis. Thanks! Jen Instructions For this assignment, you’re going to create a table that includes a detailed inventory of the materials you will need to make accessible for your course. Choose one unit from your online course (YOU CAN USE WEEK 1 OR 2 AND JUST MAEKUP SOMETHING). Make a comprehensive list of all of the resources, activities, and assignments in the unit (AGAIN MAKEUP SOMETHING). Use the columns of the table to identify the “type” of resource. Some common types are MS Word docs, PDFs, PowerPoint files, Videos, Audio, Web sites, and HTML pages, but you could have other types in your course, as well. Make your inventory as comprehensive as possible. For this assignment, you’re going to explore the resources available to you on your campus. Here are some places to start: 1. HERE IS THE CAMPUS WEBSITE FOR DISABILITIES OFFICE: What to include in your plan Your plan should include: 1. A brief description of the unit on which you will focus (ATTACHING SYLLABUS FOR REFERENCE) 2. A comprehensive list of materials in the unit (resources, activities, and assignments); 3. A method for noting the “type” of each resource/activity/assignment; 4. A paragraph for students explaining what accessibility resources are available for them on your campus; 5. A short summary of the resources available to you, outlining what you learned about DSPS on your campus. Submission Create your Report in a format that is easy for you to use–we suggest either a Word doc with a table or a spreadsheet.