Critical incident

A critical incident (good or bad) is an event which made you stop and think, or one that made you question an aspect of your beliefs, attitude, values or behaviour. It is an incident that stays in the mind and has significance for you and has an impact on your personal and professional learning.
In the clinical setting, a critical incident may relate to issues of communication, knowledge, treatment, culture, relationships, emotions or beliefs. The incident need not be a negative experience but must clearly relate to inter-professional working with a focus on EITHER professional roles and responsibilities OR professional attitudes. 

This might include:
• an unusual or complex event
• a clinical emergency
• a crisis situation
• a situation where communication (with a service user/colleague) worked well or was problematic
• an interaction with a service user which made an impression on you (either positive or negative

Whatever the incident, it should be one that:
• made you think differently about inter-professional working
• caused you to question your assumptions or beliefs about other professional groups.

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Graphics, tables, diagrams (referenced)Graphics, tables, diagrams (created)

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