Disclosure of Prognosis of Disease to Patient

Students are provided with a practice-based case scenario involving legal and ethical issues. Students are to:

Identify legal implications of the situation Identify and link relevant legislation/acts to the case scenario

Critically discuss ethical principles relevant to the scenario

Identify a course of action and provide a rationale for their decision.

Reference to relevant legislation and codes of practice is expected within the student’s response. Please adhere to the standards for academic essay writing outlined in the BN Course Information Booklet. Headings and subheadings are not required but may be included. Please refer to the Bachelor of Nursing course information for submission requirements.

Case study You are the nurse who has been caring regularly for Mabel and have subsequently developed a good relationship with her family. Mabel is 91 years old, has been diagnosed with cancer and is in the palliative stage of her illness. Mabel is unaware of her situation, as the family have requested she not be told. Mabel is still alert and when you administer her Morphine, she asks you what the medication is for. The family have advised that under no circumstances is Mabel to be told of her illness and impending death and when medications such as Morphine is given, Mabel is to be told it is for her bowels.