EDU30014: Health and Physical Education Assessment 2: Health and physical education folio – part B

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EDU30014: Health and Physical Education
Assessment 2: Health and physical education folio – part B Word limit: 2000 (+/- 10%)
Weighting: 30%
Due date:9am AEST Monday 5 September 2016 (Week 8)
Assessment overview

The purpose of this folio assessment is to produce a collection of information, resources and reflections from Module B (weeks 5-7) which will help you develop your skills in teaching health and physical education. This assessment constitutes the second part of your portfolio, building on Assessment 1 (Part A) which covered Module A.

By gathering information into a folio, you are demonstrating an ability to identify, evaluate and transmit ideas about effective principles, policies and practices for developing health and physical education within a primary school setting. This assessment allows you to add a reflective dialogue and track your reasons for including specific evidence. Your folio should not just be a collection of resources. If academic underpinning is not evident, then you will not pass this assessment. Utilise the expertise of your eLA to question whether the evidence you have chosen to include meets the assessment criteria.

Assessment details

Your folio will contain three separate items which will relate to each of the topic areas within Module B (as specified in the table below). Each item should be clearly labelled for marking purposes with the name and description, and must include:

evidence of the resource, such as a photograph, document (e.g. MS Word) or URL (if from an external source)
a descriptive rationale and reflection on the resource. This must include:
a brief description of the resource
an explanation of how it would be used in health and physical education, providing evidence of knowledge and understanding of pedagogy, tools, methods and resources. Consider different teaching strategies you may use, any links to practice you have, and reflections from placement experiences or discussion board communications.
an analysis of the benefits and limitations of the resource, linked to academic literature and curricula documentation (i.e. the Australian Curriculum), demonstrating evidence connecting academic literature to practice.
Item no. Theme Item
1 Active play and games An outline for a game that would be suitable for early primary students. This game must incorporate ability and inclusion concerns.
2 Challenge and adventure activities An outline of a physical activity for middle primary students which requires cooperation and problem solving skills.
3 Group games and sports An outline for a lesson for upper primary students based on an organised sport. This lesson must incorporate both ICT and ability and inclusion concerns.
Note that these outlines only need to be broad overviews of the lesson or activity. They do not need to be detailed lesson plans.

Each of your folio items must be fully referenced in APA style. Note that references are not included within the word limit.