Employee loyalty and engagement in UAE public sector

Critique of Articles Assignment


To study, understand, critically analyses a quantitative research paper.

Your critique should include the following sections:

1. Name(s) of the author(s)

2. Title of article: Is the title of the article appropriate and clear?

3. The Abstract: Is the abstract specific, representative of the article, and in the correct form?

4. Introduction: a. Is the purpose of the article clearly stated? b. is the background of the research relevant to the research study?

5. Literature review: a. is the literature review broad, yet focused on the issue? b. Does the literature review use a theoretical framework?

6. Research Design: a. Is there a clear rational for the chosen research approach, methods and/or instruments used? b. Is the research method appropriate for research question? c. Was the collection of data appropriate for the research question? d. Were the methods/or instruments described in enough details? e. Were the reliability and validity tested and explained? f. Are any limitations of the study discussed?

7. Results and Findings: a. Are the presented results relevant to the research question? b. Were the steps involved in data analysis well explained and justified? c. Do the tables and graphs make data analysis clearer?

8. Discussion: a. Have the results been discussed with reference to the research question? b. How relevant and useful the results to the practice? c. Did the research highlight the most important results?

9. Conclusion: a. Were the main points drawn out? b. Have any recommendation of suggestion for future research mentioned?

10. References: Are all sources cited clearly, with full bibliography and followed APA style


Employee Relations

Employee loyalty and engagement in UAE public sector

Maha Ibrahim Saoud Al Falasi

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Maha Ibrahim Saoud Al Falasi , (2014),”Employee loyalty and engagement in UAE public sector”, Employee

Relations, Vol. 36 Iss 5 pp. 562 – 582

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