Early in the semester, we read Froma Walsh‘s chapter on family resilience. She identified key

processes involved in family resilience related to belief systems, organizational patterns, and

communication/problem solving. We have also read the story of Rick Bragg and his family. Think

about the Bragg family and your own family of origin. Write a paper of approximately 12­18 doublespaced

typewritten pages that compares and contrasts the resiliency of the Bragg family and your

family of origin according to the key processes identified by Walsh. Draw a 3­generation genogram

for the Bragg family and one for your own family during the period when you and Rick Bragg were in

early childhood, with Rick Bragg and yourself as the focal persons of the two genograms. Present the

genograms as appendices for the paper. In the paper, summarize any striking similarities and

differences between the two genograms. This paper will be due in hard copy form at the beginning of class.

As always, you should make use of any required course readings that can assist with analysis

throughout the paper. You should also support your analysis with sufficient details and examples

from the Bragg book. What you write will be held confidential and be returned to you or destroyed

after I have read it. You are to share no more about yourself or your family than you are comfortable

to share. The assignment will be graded for meeting the objectives of the assignment (10%),

accurate use of course concepts (10%), critical thinking (20%), focus (10%), support (10%),

organization (10%), style (20%), and mechanics (10%).


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