Select a critical approach for the focus of your paper from the next page of this module (labelled “Critical Approaches”). In some cases they may be combined, so feel free to use one or two (no more than two). For instance, you might combine a historical reading with a biographical reading. This paper should be in MLA format. This paper should be at least six pages long. It should be no longer than 10 pages. A works cited page should be included. This page is NOT part of your total. Thus, the minimum page count you will have is seven pages (6 written + 1 works cited = 7 pages). Again, the works cited page does *not* count as a page of text. Sources: Use at least four (4) sources other than the novel itself. These sources should be valid literary sources. Wikipedia, Pink Monkey, Cliff Notes, etc. are *not* considered valid, literary sources. Films on Demand (from our library) is also a valid place of reference. Sources can be web-based or print, as long as you document accordingly. Please use the OWL and the videos provided in this module to help you.