Health Psychology

The essay question is:


Critically evaluate the role that TWO health behaviours play in contributing to poor physical health

 Essay Guidance

You should select two health behaviours (examples of health behaviours include – smoking, alcohol consumption, exercise, eating behaviour, attendance at screening, adherence to medication). You should critically evaluate the evidence that links these health behaviours to poor physical health, including, for example, links to mortality, quality of life, illness onset and progression

You should base your essay on evidence from primary source material (i.e. from journal articles). Important points to note about your coursework:

Your coursework should contain a systematic set of references

Your coursework should adhere to the word limit guidelines as set out in the module handbook.

There is lectures attached to this as well so use that information.

This is a critical review.



In the guidelines writing there is an example of a critical review written which is a 1st class written example to help the writer with the idea of it. 

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