Ethics and Law.

Assignment:1. Research the topics  Ethics and Law.2. Write a double- spaced  (Do not exceed 500 words)  paper on the following topic: Why Do Ethical Problems Occur In Business And What is The Role of Law? Class, the 500 word requirement does not include the required words in the abstract. Be certain you answer the questions and not write randomly and indiscriminately.3.  Use the APA 6th ed. style.4. Cite/list 4 sources /references. Do not use the text as a reference.5. All writing assignments must be submitted to Turnitin for plagarism review.6. Use word count in microsoft words to get word count accuracy.7. Plagarism percentage should not exceed 30%.8. Note: You will read the section on this topic in your textbook, that is required. It should help you think and formulate ideas/writing points for your paper.  But, as you develop your paper,  the major content in your paper must be credited to other credible and qualitative references, not the text.