Essay Ethics

Topic: Employee rights in the work place (including electronic privacyPaper GuidelinesTERM PAPER ASSIGNMENTS: Your term paper assignment is for you to write two short essays, each of them tied one of the discussion topics we will review over the course of the semester. While your papers must be tied to these topics, you will have some latitude in how you approach this assignment. One possibility would, of course, be for you to elaborate some more on the details of one of the discussion cases at hand. Another possibility would be for you to write on some specific aspect of one of the ethical discussion cases that you believe calls for some further scrutiny. Or, if you wish, you can focus on some ethical issue that has been in the news and then compare and contrast that with one of the discussion cases from the class.TERM PAPER SUBMISSION: The deadline for turning in your first term paper is listed in Canvas, under Module 4. The papers must be submitted by uploading them in Canvas.ORIGINALITY:The paper must be your own original work written specifically for this class. Both of your papers will be checked for originality using the length of your paper must of course depend on your chosen topic, each of your papers must be at least 800 words exclusive of the title page, any direct quotes, and references.SPELLING AND GRAMMAR:You must thoroughly check the grammar and the spelling of the paper before you submit it. See the rubric in Canvas regarding the amount of points you will receive for this section.CITATIONS & CITATION STYLE:You must cite all your sources and you must cite these sources using one of the following styles: MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, Turabian, or the style of the American Economic Review. While you are free to select any of these citation styles, you must follow whichever style you choose to the letter.PROPER QUOTATIONS & QUOTATION MARKS:You must use quotation marks, or else use indented blocks, to identify all quotations. It is OK to paraphrase and not use direct quotesonly whenyour language is completely different from the original, but you must still give proper credit to your sources. It isnotOK to just insert a few words of your own into another writer’s text and then appropriate it without using quotation marks.All quotations must correspond exactly to the original wording, spelling, and punctuation. Page numbers must be given for each citation. Changes must be clearly indicated: use brackets to identify insertions; use ellipses (…) to show omissions. Also indicate where emphasis has been added.REFERENCES:The last section of your paper must be a list of references. Your references must correspond to your citations in the text of your paper and must be completely consistent with your citation style. Your reference list should not include any sources other than those that you cite in the text of your paper. The reference list should begin on a new page (i.e., put a page break in front of the reference list).