index function in excel

Alphabet Delivery Co runs 26 routes named A to Z between its depots.  Recently, Fred, the driver of route A complained to his supervisor that his route was longer than Barney’s route B since there was an extra stop on his route.  Fred’s route starts and stops at depot G, with scheduled stops at depot D, A, J, H (in that order).  Barney’s route starts and stops at depot J, with scheduled stops at deport G, H, D.  Does Fred have a legitimate complaint? Using the INDEX function support your answer.  Include a problem difficulty ranking between 1 and 5 as outlined below.  Name the Excel file Distance – Last Name.   Distance Between Depot A Depot D Depot G Depot H Depot J Depot A ‐‐  146 38 114 21 Depot D 146  ‐‐  77 201 14 Depot G 38 77  ‐‐  100 44 Depot H 114 201 100  ‐‐  7 Depot J 21 14 4