Discussion 4-6 reg 1320

Discussion Topic 1 of 2:1. Read Chapter Ten of the Sikh Code of Conduct focused on living a life consistent with the teachings of the Ten Gurus. Working with your partner, reflect on the requirements of this code. What is most appealing within this section? What do you find most challenging and why?Discussion Topic 2 of 2:2. Based upon your review of the textbook chapter or a more detailed examination of the Tao Te Ching itself, identify a quote from this religious text that you found either most interesting or perplexing. Briefly describe why it captured your imagination or interest.Discussion Topic 3 of 2:3. Find a definition of “life-cycle rituals.” Describe the nature of life-cycle rituals and identify an example of a life-cycle ritual with which you are familiar. What purpose do rituals play within religious systems?These are three different discussion topics and keep them different discussion topics and please don’t combine them in one essay type.  JUST ONE PARAGRAPH.