Each topic requires a minimum of 100 words and an in-text citation for our textbook that includes the page number.  Do not use any source other than the textbook.Chapter 1The Impact of Ethical Judgments on Intercultural CommunicationSelf-Reflexivity Cultural and Ethical SkillChapter 2Intercultural Communication and CultureCultural Perceptions, Values, Feelings, and Behavior6 Facets of CommunicationHofstede’s 5 Value DimensionsEthnocentrism and StereotypingPrejudice and DiscriminationChapter 3Religious HistoriesRacial and Ethnic HistoriesChapter 4Identities Created Through Communication and SocietyRacial and Ethnic IdentitiesChapter 54 Components of LanguageAttitudes Toward Speaking, Writing, and Silence3 Communication Styles