Problem 7-6Using the following data, develop an allowance percentage for a job element that requires the worker to lift a weight of 45 pounds while (1) standing in a slightly awkward position, (2) in light that is very inadequate standards, and (3) with intermittent very loud noises occurring. The monotony for this element is low. Include a personal allowance of 5 percent and a basic fatigue allowance of 4 percent of job time. (Leave no cells blank – be certain to enter “0” wherever required. Omit the “%” sign in your response.)PercentPercentA.Constant allowances:4. Bad light:1. Personal allowance5a. Slightly below recommended02. Basic fatigue allowances4b. Well below2B.Variable allowances:c. Very inadequate51. Standing allowance25. Atmospheric conditions2. Abnormal position allowance:(heat and humidity)—variable0-10a. Slightly awkward06. Close attention:b. Awkward (bending)2a. Fairly fine work0c. Very awkward (lying, stretching)7b. Fine or exacting23. Use of force or muscular energyc. Very fine or very exacting5(lifting, pulling, or pushing):7. Noise level:Weight lifted (in pounds):a. Continuous050b. Intermittent—loud2101c. Intermittent—very loud5152d. High-pitched—loud52038. Mental strain:254a. Fairly complex process1305b. Complex or wide span of attention4357c. Very complex84099. Monotony:4511a. Low05013b. Medium16017c. High4702210. Tediousness:a. Rather tedious0b. Tedious2c. Very tedious5Factor%Personal[removed]Fatigue[removed]Standing[removed]Lifting[removed]Bad Light[removed]Noise Level[removed]Monotony[removed]Total[removed]