Individual Case Study Report

You are expected to draw on the concepts covered in the unit, and the academic literature, in developing your thoughts and writing your individual report. Include a list of references at the end, and use a consistent method for citing references (e.g. Harvard system).

a) How would you present the business case to the decision maker for the project to include significant sustainability aspects?
b) What procurement strategies might you consider which may enhance strategic and sustainability outcomes for the project? What are the pros and cons of the various procurement models and their fit for this project if you want the best sustainability outcomes?
c) How would you design the specifications and tender documents to improve the tender to make it best practice in terms of sustainability? Consider economic, financial, social and environmental aspects.
d) How would you prepare the contracts or what would you include in the contracts to secure sustainability and strategic outcomes?
e) How would you design the contract administration and management regime to ensure the sustainability outcomes were achieved?
f) What would you do in terms of monitoring, governance, audit and reporting on the project, the tender and its outcomes?

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