Information & Investigations.


Identify and research a crime problem from your local area (the media would be a good source for identifying the crime problem, but research beyond the media is expected).

STUDENT NOTE: I have attached this link as the required crime problem that I want to address. (Crystal Methamphetamine)

Address the following:

1. From the perspective of an investigator, critically discuss how the use of crime statistics can help in planning problem oriented strategies to reduce the frequency of this type of crime.

2. Compare and contrast the effectiveness of this problem oriented approach with the traditional reactive approach to dealing with the crime problem.

PLEASE NOTE: the question asks you to answer from the perspective of an investigator. This is very important. The question does not ask about what police organisations as a whole can do, and it does not ask about government policy etc.


– APA Referencing and in-text citations. (Please make sure the in-text citations state the page number or paragraph of each reference.
– Ensure the work is free from any spelling mistakes and errors.
– Integrates key issues in great depth and comparison.
– Adopts sophisticated approach to issues discussed.
– Excellent links made between crime statistics and crime problem.

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