Integrative Assessment 4

You are required to select an area of expenditure on a product, service or works. This task requires you to

develop a document that creates a sourcing plan for future requirements. In the sourcing plan, you should


(1) The roles of procurement and supply in managing this area of expenditure underlining the inputs

that may be made by its stakeholders

(2) Techniques that can be applied to the area of expenditure to improve added value

(3) Inclusions that should be made in contracts formed in the future

(4) Measures that can be taken to select effective suppliers

(5) Any aspects of the purchase/supply that may require negotiation


Your answer should consist of approximately 5,000 words and should be supported by a title, your

candidate number, contents page, executive summary, references and a bibliography. Any source materials

such as web sites, reports, articles, market data, journals or texts should be referred to in your work.

As this is an integrative assessment, the learning pulls on the syllabus coverage and capabilities of all the

modules on the Practitioner Programme:

 Driving value through procurement and supply

 Managing expenditures

 Developing contracts

 Sourcing essentials

 Negotiation in procurement and supply

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