Study Guide for Islam Quiz 1.When did Islam begin; and what years did Mohammed live? 2.In what city was Mohammed born and in what city is he buried? 3.The split between Sunnis and Shi’ites arose because of disagreements over what? 4.Sufis are noted for what in Islam? 5.During Ramadan, Muslims are expected to do what? 6.The collection of the acts of Muhammad and his followers is called what? 7.What is the literal translation of “jihad”? 8.How did the Qur’an come to be revealed? 9.What does the Hajj refer to? 10.Which country has the largest population of Muslims in the world today? 11.Islam traces its ancestry back to which patriarch of the Hebrew tradition? 12.How do Muslims understand Mohammed in relationship to all other prophets that have been sent by God? 13.The blending two or more religious traditions into one as a result of cultural contact is called what, in the study of World Religions? 14.Ishmael and Isaac are related to each other, in what way? 15.Which religion has the most followers in the world today? 16.Jews, Christians, and Muslims all share are common core. What are these? 17.What does the word “Islam” mean? 18.What are the 5 pillars of Islam? Name them! 19.What is the name of the mystical branch of Islam?