Legal Advisory

Legal Advisory

For the all tasks, it will involves:


1.Give proper advise to Jack, regarding his rights to take actions based on the regulations and acts.

2.Give brief explanations about the relevant acts/regulations, and link them with Jacks case.

3.Talk about: elements of a contract (proposal and acceptance/ contractual capacity/ Free consent/ Consideration/ Voice agreement) and how they can be relevant in this case.

4.Talk about invitation to treat, and if it was the case.

5. Explain the difference between express and imply terms, link to the case.

6. Look at the Supply of goods Act 1982, the unfair terms in consumer regulations of 1999 (both replaced by the consumer right act 2015).  What they say about misleading?  What they say about Unfair trading?

7. Was any malpractice in any company involved?

8. Health and safety regulation needs to be looked at, as well as Data protection and equality act 2010, package travel holiday & tour regulations of act 1992, as the case presents issues involving this. Talk about then and link the acts to the case.

9. compare the case with Wilson v Best Travel [1993] and with the Harvey v Facey [1893], where relevant.

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