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Various ideological conflicts can be derived from the development of early colonial America. Political, economic and religious idealism is much evident from the narratives, and this can be seen through the narrative of conflict, aggression, and ethnocentrism among the communities involved during the development of early colonial America. During this period there were conflicts of interest among the parties involved, and this can be seen in the narrative Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford. Here, the pilgrims are engaged in a conflict among themselves that lead to the signing of the Mayflower agreement to show their allegiance to their king and at the same time set their rules to prevent themselves from getting beyond the boundaries.

Religious ideology is the central concept that can be traced from the narratives, and it is through the idea of religion that there rose the issue of political interest to govern and control the local indigenous people in America. However, the issue of ethnocentrism arises from the colonials as they perceive their culture to be more significant than the others and this makes them despise that of the indigenous people. From the three narratives, Of Plymouth Plantation, A model of Christian Charity and From the Wonders of The Invisible World by Cotton Mather, the issue of a superior culture and religion can be seen to dominate the lesser communities.

The issue of ethnocentrism is dominant all through the narratives and through this the authors try to pass the message of the dominance of Christianity in the colonies. The local cultures and religion are ignored, and the people are forced to adopt the new religion established by the colonial masters. The authors pass the message of dislike and hate to the culture and religion of the indigenous people as they are considered of no value. The works have a common objective of promoting their own cultures and religion while on the other hand differ in the manner to which the message is passed. Honesty and truth are among the virtues of Americanness that can be derived from the narratives.


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