Love, Forgiveness and Trust

Love, Forgiveness and Trust



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Forgiveness is the acceptance that although someone made a mistake it is important to reconcile with the person by looking behind the fault and maintaining a friendly relationship with the person. Forgiveness will boost morale of the individual responsible for the fault thus enhancing productivity of the person. Furthermore forgiveness creates a comfortable environment of corporation amongst different people. The act of forgiveness is deeply rooted in love and compassion of the person offering it but it does not mean that the forgiver has completely forgotten the fault or mistake done.

It is important to note that forgiveness helps people to be able to take risks and explore other inventions that are useful to an individual, business or even the entire society. Bitterness and failure to forgive may discourage one from exploring very useful ventures because it encourages personal initiative and creativity. Moreover, forgiveness may help people to address issues and challenges that may have caused fault thus improving on them.

Forgiveness should not be limited to certain boundaries however the injured party may ascertain the repetition of the act as well as the intentions of the guilty party. If the act is very repetitive even after several subsequent forgiveness then another chance of forgiving may not be a solution to the issue. Punishment may be used in such instances. Moreover, if the damage is huge and very impactful or could lead to very serious consequences then the intention of the guilty party should be attained first. If the guilty party anticipated serious consequences then forgiveness would not be satisfactory. May be punishment would be the best remedy.

Releasing negative emotions and forgiveness is very important particularly how it is exercised. Initially, self reflection is very important when considering the way to show forgiveness. An individual should understand that a lot of energy is consumed while holding grudge thus consuming our strength and that forgiveness is much better option for our mental and physical health. Forgiveness enhances positive behaviors and healthy relationships among individuals and the society. It is also important to understand why the wrongdoing occurred and try to find explanations as well as exercising self understanding while putting ourselves in the transgressor’s shoes. The forgiver should then express the emotions attached to the hurt by effectively communicating our feelings towards the transgressors and assurance that transgression will not occur again. The final road to forgiveness which is really difficult is letting go of the bitterness by understanding that they must have happened for a reason and that all humans make mistakes.

Organizations and businesses can benefit a lot from implementing love, forgiveness and trust as their important values. The employees will work as a team and strive to achieve a common organizational goal with lots of courage and trust. The organizations’ employees may be highly innovative thus improving the performance of the business. The companies practicing these values may have loyal employees who are able to take risk whenever possible for the good of the company.

Adopting the philosophy of love, forgiveness and trust is crucial to the success of the company or any other business. Employees will always be supportive to the company because they will be highly empowered by the philosophy. Love, forgiveness and trust enable individuals to feel that they are really cared for and that they are part of the bigger family of their organization. It would be easy for delegation of duties as well as training of individuals to take place where there is love, forgiveness and trust. The philosophy will give way to other ethical practices such as equal promotion and fairness as far as recruitment is concerned. There would be sufficient freedom of the employees that may boost employee initiative and innovativeness. It would be easy to follow the leader’s advice and values that are anticipated to positively influence the objectives of the business. Employees will be able to venture into risky activities because they believe that they are cared for and that they are supported by the company leadership and management.

As an ethical leader, I would encourage openness and interactive forums amongst the employees ranging from the most senior people in management and the lowest ranking employee in the organization. I would encourage employees to visit me in my office at any particular time or give them my personal phone number or emails so that they can interact with me anytime from anywhere.

Some of the steps I would take to encourage these principles are setting guidelines and informing every employee about the need of love, trust and forgiveness within the organization. I would encourage employees and all my followers to acknowledge any hurt or wrong committed by anyone and offer apologies as soon as possible. I would ask the followers on the need to clear the offenders’ conscience as well as relieving the anger or any shame of the victim. I would finally ask the employees to practice compassion for everyone and establish a spiritual practice of prayer.

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