MacBook. Think Different (laptop computer)

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Question 1

MacBook – “Think Different” (laptop computer)

MacBook is a brand of apple that was introduced in 2006 as a replacement of iBook and a transition by the Apple Company from PowerPC to Intel. Solely, MacBook was aimed for education since it has highly improvised features to benefit students. Its speed, size, and internal storage are classic too. MacBook recorded the best sale in 2008 as laptop brand in the USA (Ray 4-7).

Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid – “Power of Dreams” (Auto motor cars)

Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid is a brand of one of the leading motor company, Honda and was first introduced in 2012. Its major sales were in 2013, and it was only limited to few states in USA.

Diesel Jeans – “Be Stupid”

Question 2

MacBook is classified under laptop category, which is marked with high competition. Under laptop categories, eminent changes are experienced. The changes experienced are improved internal storage size and security of data against virus. Also, processing speed, energy consumption, and introduction of touch screens in laptops are the latest change in trend in this category. These changes have impacted on the brand by making production expensive and stiffening competition for manufacturers while it has made laptops just like a heaven on earth for users.

This brand is categorized under automobile cars. The changing trend in this category is the worrying environmental issues led by global warming. This has impacted in the improvement of efficiency of a engine to reduce emissions that escalate greenhouse effect (Car and Driver 1). Manufacturers of automobile more so cars are capitalizing on fuel consumption and lately, some have produced electric cars. Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid is one of the brands that use electricity and gasoline (Car and Driver 1).

Diesel Jeans brand is categorized under fashion. The changes in fashion are vast, and the latest in jeans is the type of materials used in the manufacturing where a stretching material is preferred by ladies. Also, the hardness of the material used in the manufacturing 21-century jeans is changing in jeans. Today, lover of jeans are looking to a type that do not fade and is easy to wash (Polhemus 34-37). This has impacted on Diesel jeans because its manufacturer at some point could not sell their old stock due to lack of compliance with the changing trend. Ultimately, this has led to losses and tightens rivalry.

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