Major Components Of The Current State Of An Enterprise Information System Architecture

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Major Components Of The Current State Of An Enterprise Information System Architecture

Course Project—EISA:

The EISA diagram is very important in analyzing the business process in the company some of the main contribution it has made to the company include the ability of the organization to analyze the production trends in the company and develop a proactive measures of dealing with the problems. It is also important in determining the optimal process and procedures that the organization can follow to leverage its competitive advantages and realize its productivity. The organization also relies on the EISA diagram to map the pathway to sustainability, profitability and optimality.

However, the current EISA has a number of limitation on the general productivity and efficiency and profitability because of the inherent weaknesses and limitation it has on the marketing processes.

Reporting structure:

The company is reporting structure is marked by numerous levels that hinder immediate execution of financial plans. The financial planning and execution structure of the company is laborious and bureaucratic, making the release of funds and execution m of the planned marketing activities in the company very slow. This interferes with the timelines and the bottom lines of its activities.

Marketing gap

The pillar of the organization in question is operational excellence, however this has been so hard to meet considering the fact the process model in use is not optimized for excellence. Some of the factors that contribute to this limitation include the decision making model used within the company and the performance evaluation system. The company in the service sectors is experiencing problems with the decision structure. The company is mostly composed of poor decision structure in which the upper echelon personnel (C-level) who are not in touch with the line managers and middle level members only make the decision. In all organization, the middle level Managers are the only people with facts on the marketing system within the organization and are always in constant contact with the customer. All the queries and customer complaints pas through them and they are the people who operationalise4 the plans developed within the company. Therefore main decision team should be integrated with the midlevel managers and customer focused team to ensure that the decision made within the company take into consideration the input of the low cadre managers. Additional the company needs to leverage its business synergy to fit the strategic fit that will enable it to achieve the objective of operational excellence.

Operational excellence.

The main advantage that the middle offers is operational excellence as the company process o determining and assembling the right input (resources) and converting them to the output that that the customers want, makes it’s the most optimal process in the industry. The production process is very efficient with minimal resource wastes and time lags despite the slow decision process. Once the company has made decision, the execution process is often very fast.

Reduction of cost of IT, and the general complexity

The current enterprise information system architecture is vary useful in reducing the general, complexity within the organization, it details the reporting structure and the way the cost of information technology in the organization can be reduced thereby contributing to the final cost reduction strategy by the company. It also provides newer ways for re-purpose in addition to re-use as it helps the organization to link its process to the new technologies and skill. While this is true, has one weakness as it relies so much on IT. However, this is overridden by the fact that the architecture is closely connected to the business need and strategies. The main challenge may lie on the extension of the integration to all the aspects of the organization and its process across all the complex and multi-partner enterprise