Make-Up Unit Journal Prompt

Make-Up Unit Journal Prompt


Due: Friday 5/10 by 12:00pm on BV (no late points)

The following prompt is a way for any student to make-up or replace his or her lowest Unit Journal grade from this semester (this includes Unit 3 Journal grades, as the Make-Up prompt will be graded after all unit journals.) If for some reason you score lower on the make-up than you did on the original Unit journal, you keep the highest grade.

NOTE: For those of you who did not turn in a journal from any Unit, you can only score a maximum of 60 on the Make-Up journal. While that is still not a passing grade, it is better than a 0. The reasoning for this is because it isn’t fair that you receive a full grade if you did not complete all of the course work like your peers.

Make-Up Journal Prompt – 800 words minimum

Fully answer the prompt below. You must use quotes from the texts to back up your claims and examples. Simply putting the line numbers after the quotes will suffice for MLA formatting in this section.

This make-up journal is literally a make-up essay. Therefore, your answer needs to have an introduction and conclusion, be well organized, with paragraphs formatted in ICE (Introduce your source; Cite/Quote; Explain the significance to your thesis/prompt) format regarding quotation use.

Trace the influence of women – good and/or bad – throughout EACH of the units from this semester. In your discussion, demonstrate how women fit into the plot of the story or poem you are discussing and how that is indicative of that culture’s societal views on women at the time.

Be sure to include background information for the culture you are focusing on (ex. women were not allowed to vote or own property in ancient Greece and women in ancient China were usually required to live with their families until they were married off) as well as incorporate examples of cultural norms from the texts to back those cultural points up. Feel free to organize this answer however you choose: by work, chronologically (in the class or in history), etc.

For this prompt, you need to choose 1 – 2 works from EACH unit. Regardless of whether you choose to use more texts than the required amount, each work must be given the same amount of attention. Do not simply tack on a work with two sentences to discuss it to reach the word count. The list of works for each unit is below:

Unit 1 (Choose ONE work)


Oedipus the King

Unit 2 (Choose ONE – TWO work(s))

Egyptian Poetry

The Book of Ruth

Song of Songs

The Tamil Anthologies

The Seven Hundred Songs of HalaUnit 3 (Choose TWO works)

Descent of Ishtar

Erra and IshumThe Epic of Gilgamesh

The Bhagavad Gita/Mahabharata

The Ramayana


The Analects

The Book of Songs

The Epistle to the Romans

The formatting for this journal is below. DO NOT submit your make journal with the instructions above attached. The document should be submitted simply as an essay.



Ms. Roop

ENGL 2111 – E

Make-Up Journal