Malechi and the Prince The Reason Princes Marry humble Maidens

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Malechi and the Prince: The Reason Princes Marry humble Maidens

Malechi was a very beautiful maiden and talented singer from the hill country Miruega. So beautiful was she that every man who met her on the way always turned back to look at her. For anyone who failed, it was assumed they had a stiff neck. Yet Malechi never fell in love with any man. She never had feelings for men and no attraction existed in her towards them. In a faraway land lived the Prince Othoso, a handsome young man who was under pressure to get married to a wife in order to inherit his father’s throne. Coincidentally, the prince was also not attracted to any lady. His parents had tried to bring the most beautiful girls to capture his attention, but Othoso could not take any of these.

One day while Othoso went hunting, there was no game to strike. Most of the birds flew so high. Because Othoso knew how to shoot without missing, it seemed as though the birds had learnt to fly without perching. This hunt took Othoso as far as the deep forest in Miruega. On the same day, Malechi had gone to the river to fetch water. While she went to ease herself, the monkeys picked her trough and started throwing it from tree to tree. It is then that Malechi started to sing for the monkeys;

“Dear monkeys, sweet monkeys, return my water pot,

Dear monkeys, beautiful monkeys, return my water pot.”

It seemed as though the monkeys listened, but this voice reached the prince, and he found it so beautiful that he decided to go and see the owner. As he came into sight, the prince’s heart started thumbing faster, never in his life had he seen such beauty. It was as though the buttons of love had been switched on in his heart. He came closer and closer; and in Malechi, something she could not explain occurred. Although she had never admitted that any man was handsome, Malechi found striking attraction in the prince. Without wasting time, the prince knelt before Malechi, called unto the names of his forefathers and then asked Malechi; “Will you marry me?”

Malechi wanted to refuse; she thought she would give away herself so easily and look cheap. But a strong force in her heart pushed her too fast. “Yes I will,” the words were out before she even realized. The prince mounted his horse and rushed home to announce the arrival of the long awaited bride. Upon his arrival, he greeted his father with this information and a ceremony was immediately ordered. Wedding preparations were started.

However, the queen was not very happy with this arrangement. She had wanted her son to marry a girl from a royalty like them. She had prepared and nurtured a princess from the neighboring kingdom. In the same way, Malechi’s father wanted her daughter married to a poor man with a humble background like them. When Malechi and the prince learnt about these two problems, they vowed to help one another and struggle for their marriage to survive. They knew they loved one another more than to give up.

Their wedding ceremony was glorious and successful. They worked hard and improved the kingdom that was entrusted to the prince when he became king. The two of them lived happily after till their death. It is for this reason that prices love to marry humble maidens to date.

Elements of Love

For love to occur there must be two parties, a male and female. Love expresses itself instantaneously when the two meet. Prince Othoso hears Malechi singing then meets her by the riverside when she is fetching water. Her dazzling beauty creates a feeling of admiration in him. The same phenomenon is translated to Malechi. These feelings intertwine and become fused in the process. The two fall in love as the Prince proceeds to inform his father that he has found his bride.

Again love is naturally coincidental between two individuals. The fact that both Malechi and Prince Othoso did not love anybody before, probably implies that they were meant for one another. As such, their love had to wait until the two of them came to meet. On the day they get to meet, these feelings which were rather passive and dead come alive and they are unable to control their emotions. They both decide to get married instantly.

In love there is care and commitment. When two people are in love, they care for each other and will ensure nothing bad falls on the other party. When Prince Othose’s mother presents signs of not liking Malechi and Malechi’s father not liking the Prince, they decide to work together to protect their marriage. It is because of this commitment that Malechi and the prince get to mary, and to succeed in their marriage as a couple. If they had showed no commitment towards one another, Malechi would have feared her father. Possibly, she would have withdrawn from the marriage. On equal grounds, the prince would have heeded her mother’s advice and taken the choice of a princess. In this way, he would not have married Malechi.

Finally, love between two individuals is specific as evidenced in this case, and ca not be frustrated to failure by any third party. This is actually true love.

Chemistry of Love

When a person is in love, there are many chemicals racing in the brain and the entire body. A person falling in love for the first time experiences a racing heart, sweaty palms and a flushed skin. According to researchers, this is caused by chemicals such as phenyl ethylamine, dopamine, as well as norepinephrine. Dopamine is known as a “pleasure chemical,” causing a feeling of bliss. Norepinephrine release causes the heart to beat faster and evokes feelings of excitement. Its mechanism of action is similar to adrenaline. Dopamine and norepinephrine, results in elation, intense energy, craving and loss of appetite, as well as a focused attention. It is because of such activities that the prince finds himself liking an girl for the first time, his heart thumbing out loud and his ultimate approach to Malechi. This same chemistry affects Malechi ahen she accepts to marry Prince Othoso.

What drives the attraction stage of love? During this stage, there is a biological drive to focus on one person. Researchers have shown increased blood flow in the area of the brain with high levels of dopaminergic receptors. Dopamine is associated with euphoria, addiction and craving for another person. The high levels of dopamine are also associated with norepinephrine, which increase attention, hyperactivity, short-term memory, goal-oriented behavior as well as sleeplessness. Furthermore, people in love have lowered levels of serotonin, which explains their “obsessive character” and general impulsiveness. Through these chemicals an individual can choose the partner of their choice. This impulsive nature grips both parties. They become obsessed with one another to the extent they never listen to anything otherwise.