Managing Communications In Organizations Final Exam

Re: Privacy Breach

Question One

Intellius provides information on personal information of people, that is, their full names, age, gender, phone numbers, addresses, social media platforms, education, and email addresses. In the get report link, one can purchase information on the people, phone and address lookup, criminal record, and background check-up. The website provides most of the information desired in one platform. The public records provide personal data, which may be an advantage when trying to find someone or get information about them. However, the site limits privacy as anyone could get news of a person just by incurring some costs. Also, the accuracy of the information is not guaranteed; hence may mislead people.

Question 2

Poverty and Privacy

The issue I read about on the Epic website is Poverty and Privacy. Poverty is a state by which people lack most of the resources, have less autonomy, and also less privacy. The unfortunate experience issues of privacy breach due to fraud prevention surveillance that oversees them. The inspection kept does not work to monitor movements and frauds but rather makes the poor have less privacy. The structure of constitution privacy law limits the homeless from having the privacy they want. The most interesting part about the reading is about the constitutional protection of the poor. According to Professor Christopher Slobogin of the University of Florida, the Constitution works to disadvantage the poor. This opinion is because the police have taken part in the dissolution of privacy for those in more impoverished neighborhoods. The Constitution should be formed to guard people’s welfare, but on the contrary, it breaches privacy. Also, the homeless management information system undertakes extensive data collection on the homeless without adequate privacy safeguards. These methods for collection of data lead to privacy breaches since their consent is not sought first before implementation.

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