managing real estates and properties

Assignment Overview:

Financial estimates for a feasibility study for the development of a “higher upscale” hotel in Dubai



Overall aim:

You are a hospitality consultant and you have been approached by a hotel developer to assist with the development of a feasibility study for a new hotel (200 rooms), in the “upper upscale” category, in Dubai. More specifically, the developer has sent you the following requests:

1. Describe the current lodging market in Dubai.

2. Discuss the future developments for the lodging market Dubai.

3. Discuss ADR, OCC and RevPar trends in Dubai.

4. Assess the average profitability of hotels (upscale, upper upscale and luxury) in Dubai.

5. Build and operating profit and loss pro forma for a 200 rooms in Dubai for 10 years.

Use different STR reports (Census, Trend, P&L/Host, Pipeline – you can find them on Moodle) to answer these requests.

You report should include a recommendation regarding the developer’s proposed investment.




Learning outcomes: 

LO3 and 4


Organisation and methodology:

The report should be structured to include:

1. Contents page

2. Executive Summary

3. Critical analysis of the issues to be considered

4. Recommendations

5. Conclusions

6. References and bibliography 




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