marketization and social housing policy

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marketization and social housing policy

Word limit: 2,500

“Marketization and Social housing policy in Australia”

In this assignment you will explore the application of market economics to housing policy making.

You will need to select a case study where policy has changed (or is proposed to change) to provide a greater role for market forces in the production or allocation of resources. This should ideally be related to the topic of your last assignment.

Your analysis will need to outline the policy changes and the rationale for the change. Explore the effects (or predicted effects) of the policy change and address arguments both in favour and against the policy change. Must conclude by suggesting ways forward, has the policy been effective and what might make it more effective?

This Assessment Tasks:

· Understand and interpret concepts from political economy

· Understand the historical development of different theoretical traditions in political economy

· Critically apply concepts from political economy to understanding contemporary policy issues

· Explain in verbal and written forms the economic implications of policies clearly to an educated, non-expert audience

· Identify and integrate policy and theoretical information for a specific topic

· Read critically across social scientific disciplines

Plan draft:

1. Introduction; How the marketization change the social sectors such as education, health and housing in Australia.

The result of marketization process in Housing industry and it’s policy—-The most vulnerable part of the society suffer from the growth of market prices.

Social housing policy and it’s implementation in Sydney.

Why needs some changes in the Social housing policy.

2. Body P1: Theory of Marketization and how it’s process is going in Australia.

3. Body P2: The results of it in different sectors, especially in Housing sector.

4. Body P3: Social housing program

5. Why it needs some changes.

6. Conclusion:







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