Medical Instrumentation Coursework.

Using one example of a measurand, the electromyogram (EMG), present and explain an appropriate initial design of a medical instrumentation system to be used in the measurement of this signal. 

You are not expected to present a detailed design specification and circuit diagrams, but you need to show good understanding of requirements and constraints, and the ability to integrate knowledge acquired during the module to this practical application.

This is essay focuses on theoretically designing a specific piece of medical equipment. 

Discuss the designing process of the specific device, the specifications, limitation etc. Multisim is not needed for the coursework.

Please include graphics, tables and diagrams (referenced).

The report should start with an introductory section that outlines the context and medical applications of the described instrument. Some consideration should be given in the report to the following: 

1. Signal: a. Relevant anatomy and physiology. b. Source and accessibility. c. Electrical properties (e.g. frequency content, amplitude, etc.). d. Interference and contaminating signals – other biomedical signals, radiofrequency signals, mains, etc. 

2. System components: a. Electrodes. b. Leads/Wires. c. Amplification (e.g. gain, instrumentation amplification, common-mode, etc.). d. Filtering (e.g. need, type, frequency response, etc.). e. Isolation. f. Analogue to Digital Converters – resolution, rate, type. g. Power. h. Control. i. Calibration. j. Display. k. Storage. l. Communication. 

3. System design process (e.g. constraints, requirements, regulations, etc.). 

4. Present relevant examples of application and use (e.g. diagnostics, control, etc.). 

5. Safety considerations.

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