occupational therapy;Person Environment and Occupation,

occupational therapy;Person Environment and Occupation,

Critically explore and discuss the relevant environments (biopsychosocial, physical, socio-political, socio-economic and legislative) that influence a person’s ability to get on with their everyday life. Refer to the play and when critically exploring the play contextualise and relate to current policies, guidance, intervention(s) & legislation, and any other relevant topics)

The essay should refer back to lecture material.

Needs to be focused on the Telly Play (link provided in assignment guideline). Do not need to worry about thalidomide aspect of the disability. In Telly play, Terry is 7-12 years old. Focus needs to be on this age group. 

NEED to apply the disability (quadriplegia) to Person Environment and Occupation, NOW 2017, Using the Canadian Model of Occupation as a focus to answer the question. 

Assessment (PEO as an interconnected system) Canadian Model of Occupation. Occupational history, background, identity, relevant factors, environments, support systems, barriers. 

Case Formulation Point in time (developmental stages). Environments and interactions, including parents impact (society). (Also see additional info)

Goal setting. 2 priorities for Person. 2 priorities for Environment (home and school). 2 priorities for Occupation. (also see additional info).

Treatment plan- Rehabilitation. Justify evidence and resources.

Implementation- What are the difficulties / challenges

Review- How / what would indicate end of therapy.

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