Outline of a research plan

You are expected to deliver an outline of a research plan for a proposed project. The research project will follow:

2)      Choose a key health issue in a country or region and consider the available evidence that would support broad social policy intervention. 

Topic as stated by professor:

You will briefly summarize key literature, and identify the gaps in knowledge, and propose a concrete research question that can be addressed empirically and that contributes to filling a gap in the literature. Finally, you will outline an approach to address the proposed question, and discuss the potential strengths and limitations of your approach. You will receive feedback on this proposal, which will serve as basis for the development of the final project paper.

you are not expected to conduct a research project, but rather to develop a proposal informed by some literature to outline what is known in an area and what might constitute a useful piece of research to help fill a gap in knowledge (the research proposed might be something a student could do for a dissertation, a project, or PhD in the future, but the assessment here is based on the proposal for the research).


The proposal should show ability to identify relevant knowledge, gaps in knowledge, and consider what an appropriate research design might be to fill a key gap.

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