POLS0010 Data Analysis

Assessment Part 1 This assessment tests your ability to think about the ways data can be processed and analysed. The task is to write a simple function in R. The function itself should perform one or a number of spatial analysis routines, and produce an output file and/or visualisation of a dataset we have used in class or that you have sourced yourself. You should submit the code with your R Script file. Examples will be provided in class. Things to consider:

1. The final function should address a clear problem and turn the raw data into information.

2. You may wish to integrate the plotting of data into the function but this may not always be appropriate. 3. The function should offer a number of clearly explained parameters for the user to adjust if they wish to experiment with a range of results. The accompanying write-up should take the form of a manual for the function’s use. It should include: 1. A flow diagram to demonstrate the sequence of steps in the function. 2. Explanation of the R object format required – such as what variables are required. 3. A worked example of the function in action. You may also wish to include: 1. The need for such a function to be written and rationale for your approach. 2. A description of the data used to demonstrate the function

3. The scientific basis and brief description of the analysis implemented. 4. Testing you have performed to ensure the outputs are reliable. 5. Potential applications of the function beyond those demonstrated. 6. Limitations.