Project plan

Students will produce a closing report for their project. The report will document the successes and failures of the project. Students must present their own ideas on why the project was a success or why it failed or was challenged.

This assignment is a continuation of the project selected by the student for the first assignment. All of the work produced for this assignment must be directly related to the initiation, planning, execution and monitoring & control defined in the Project Plan. The assignment must include the following:


  • Completed project success criteria checklist.
  • Lessons learned – details of the method used to gather lessons learnt and any actions taken.
  • Handover of the system to the business after go live.
  • Handover of any outstanding tasks/actions to relevant parties.
  • Releasing of project resources – human, materials, equipment, facilities.
  • Archiving of project documentation.
  • Details of any challenges faced and overcome.
  • Recommendations for future projects within the organisation.

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